Taming Cowlicks

If you have ever had a cowlick, you know how frustrating they can be. No matter how hard you try, this annoying strand of hair will continue growing in a direction opposite to what the surrounding hair is doing.

Cowlicks are often found on the crown of the head, but they can — and do — show up anywhere. Often, people will have more than one cowlick. Fortunately, a skilled hair stylist can find a hair style that either tames the cowlick or camouflages it.

Men’s Hairstyles for Cowlicks

The type of hair style that is best for you depends on where the cowlick is showing up. If you have more than one cowlick, your hair stylist will help you find the best option.

  • A long haircut or a very short one works best for cowlicks that are on the crown of the head. A buzz cut will make a cowlick no longer visible because the hair is so short.
  • Rather than getting rid of a cowlick, a messy haircut can often mask it. A tousled or spiky messy look both work well.
  • Tapering the hairline at the bottom, while keeping the hair longer at the cowlick area can help because the weight of the hair will hold down the cowlick.
  • A parted hairstyle can help hide a cowlick that is on your front hairline.

Other Tips for Taming Cowlicks

  • Use the right products. Hair gel and pomade can keep spiky styles in place. Gels with super-strong hold will tame a cowlick, but may not look natural. A volumizing spray or styling mousse can give you a more natural hold while keeping the cowlick under control. For best results, apply while your hair is still damp.
  • Train it with a blow dryer. Training the hair in your cowlick while drying it can help keep it in place. You can do this by blow drying the cowlick in the opposite direction that is usually grows.

Once you have identified where your cowlick — or cowlicks — is, make an appointment with your hair care specialist to find a hair style that will help tame that stubborn cowlick.

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